Perfecting Pineapple Serum 30ml (1640177565798)
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Perfecting Pineapple Serum 30ml

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*Regarded as having the same qualities as salon-grade skin peels, the
Perfecting Pineapple Serum is infused with actives fruit enzymes which
dissolve dead skin and reveal a much brighter, illuminated and soft
complexion. Aloe Vera and Green Tea effectively balance hydration levels
and soothe skin conditions, whilst Niacinamide  Vitamin B3) reduces
wrinkles and hyperpigmentation, resulting in a more perfected, even skin

If there were a secret to glowing skin, this would be it! Best applied
after cleansing before sleep, the enzymes work overnight to breakdown dead
skin cells and leave the complexion appearing luminous and ultra fresh in
the morning. This serum has a tendency to make cosmetics last longer and
appear more natural on the face, as you're applying them to a much cleaner
canvas without dead skin build up which can cause dullness and dryness.

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